So while I was planning on visiting the castle that inspired Walt Disney to build his castles, I overslept and decided on going somewhere more local and closer to where I was.  That choice turned out to be the Ruins of Hohenurach Castle.  I have to say, I saw the castle standing on top of a mountain and knew I had to climb up there to get to it.  While at first the mountain didn't look too tall, I learned how steep it got in some places.  I hiked for probably 5 miles or more but after climbing trails of roughly 30% incline, I made it to the top and found an incredible view and the ruins of a castle built in the 11th century.  It was amazing to see and feel the walls whispering its history out to me.  I managed to go down below ground and found the basements and storing rooms.  It was definitely a sight to behold as I made my way through arches, broken paths and trails and to the ledge of the wall and cliff that looked down over 100 feet below.

The hike back was interesting to say the least.  It helped it was downhill but I also took a different trail down as I had gotten my geographical bearings from the top and headed in the direction I thought I needed to go.  Needless to say, as all plans tend to have something go wrong, mine did too as I realized I had no idea where I was.  I followed trail after trail, with darkness coming and the trees covered the trail, making it even darker, and was still lost.  I started hearing strange noises too, almost like they were meant for me to hear them but couldn't see anything.  I finally made it to the park where my car was located and felt very relieved to be back.

I do have to say, the stories about getting lost in the woods are creepy and I could see and feel how it may have felt, but I won and found my way out.

"The trees whisper a hush sound as you trek by."

Bill out...