Well, after numerous attempts and being thwarted each time, I finally made it to the castle that inspired Walt Disney to build his castles in his theme parks, primarily Sleeping Beauty's Castle but you can also see it in Cinderella's Castle as well.  I have to say, after seeing it in person, I can see why it inspired Walt because this is an inspirational castle.  It took me a couple of hours to get to it and even a few attempts as mentioned before but it was worth it all.  I had to hike up a mountain, again, to get to it but this time the reward was incredible.  I saw the first view of it from the parking lot and it was a sight to see.

I made it to the top in about a half hour and was greeted by more amazing sights but the castle was by far the most dominating I have seen since I've been out here.  The backdrop to it was awe inspiring as well.  There was a river that ran through the valley beneath it and the sound was able to be heard on top in the castle.  Overall this was the highlight castle of my visit and I'm very happy I was able to make it to the castle in person.

So after spending some time on the mountain, I walked back down and made my way to another spot I saw while on top.  There was an aerial tram that took you to the top of a mountain next door to the castle.  I rushed to get there, hoping but alas was 15 minutes late to go to the top.  While it would have been nice to get up there, I did manage to get on an Alpine Slide and ride it.  I love those slides and remember riding one in Big Bear, CA many years ago and having a blast then.

I then proceeded to cross into Switzerland again for a brief moment and then headed back north to Stuttgart, where I got the speedometer up to 220 KPH. 

I know that only shows 200 KPH but I didn't dare take my hands off at 220.

Anyways, got back safe and even though I hiked probably close to 15 miles this weekend on castle jaunts, half of which were uphill, I was very happy for the experience and opportunity.

So happy castles and...

Bill out...