Greetings foolish mortals.  Well, looks like I had a slight hiccup on my interface here due to forgetting to update my CC info from an expired card.  All is well though as I've updated the info and am now moving forward.

What a weekend it was.  Having some kind of emergency replacements taking place at work and having to shut everything down and then hope they came back up when it was time.  Of course, as things go and with my last name, it didn't work out at all so I was stuck here for a few more hours trying to get things back up and running.  Being that I am THE MAN, everything was up and running within a few hours.  Yeah...I got this!!!

I still have so many pictures to go through from my Europe trip last year so I'm gonna try and get those up and added.  Hope everybody has a great start to the week.

Until the next time...

BBP out