Greetings foolish mortals.  Wow!!!  What a month August has been.  It's been hot as hell out here in SoCal.  We got fires going on and earthquakes.  

The BBP even had a birthday last week but was too sick to really enjoy it.  Caught some kind of bug that really took us out of commission for about 5 days.  UGH!!!  There wasn't really much celebrating either as we're locked down still.  Had a little bit of fun but overall, not much or enough.

With the announcement that all the Halloween events around cancelled for this year, that made this year a throwaway.  I mean, it's depressing now knowing that there will be no haunts.  However, with that, I plan on decorating work so much more this year and make it more detailed than ever before.

So it's been hot and gonna keep being hot.  So until next time...

BBP out!!!