Welcome foolish mortals, to the month of August.  I am your host, your awesome host.  Please step all the way in and make room for everybody.  There's no turning back now.

So yes.  It is the first day of August and the birthday month begins.  It's a big month for the BBP as we are hitting a milestone this year.  Remember, age is a matter of mind and only a number.  Yeah...I wish sometimes.  All those days and nights, crazy stunts, military service and so on have caught up to this body.  I'm still doing pretty good but feel it at times.  Needless to say though, that train keeps moving on, taking us with it.  Just remember to keep up with the group and we'll continue our little tour.

So the heat is here but so is the official start to getting the Halloween haunts going and building up.  Let's continue.

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!