Greetings all from Germany.  This has been a great birthday weekend for the BBP.  Mostly because of the weather has been cooling down and we've been getting some rain.  I have to say, it's nice not to be sweating just from a walk to the car.  That gets old very fast.

Went cave exploring yesterday and found Bear Cave, or as it's called here Barenhohle.  Was an interesting cave and while it wasn't very big, it did have some neat views within.  One thing I noticed though is that there is no protection for the cave from visitors.  You could touch just about everything and while this is still an active and growing cave, there seemed to be more cases of people destroying and touching the formations.  There were only a few select areas that were fenced off to keep people from doing what people do.  It was beautiful but also sad. 

Afterwards, went back to a castle I had been to last year.  Castle Lichtenstein.  It was a very interesting day for pictures too as the fog made things much more eerie.  Got some more good pics but didn't do the inside tour as I did it last year and it's all in German anyway.

Finished the night off by going to a Greek restaurant and having one of the most amazing dishes I've had since being here.  They had chopped steak and inserted into the middle was feta cheese.  I would never have thought to combine that but it was amazing.  Perfect way to end a rainy Saturday night.

So, look out for more pics and until then...

Bill out