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May 17th - Happy Birthday Z

Posted by Bill Bickford on Monday, May 18, 2020,
Greetings foolish mortals!!!   Today is a very special day in the world of BBP.  Today is the day The Z turns 21.  It's been a great weekend of celebrating for him and he loved his primary present.  Been talking about it all weekend so that's good.  He's such a good kid and I love seeing him happy.

That's the main update here today.

So until next time...

BBP out!!!

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May 13th - Another 13th

Posted by Bill Bickford on Wednesday, May 13, 2020,
Greetings foolish mortals!!!  Happy the 13th to you wherever you are!!!  Been another crazy month and I know I said I'd try to update more but the craziness with work continues.

Haven't really had much downtime forever it seems.  Even weekends are spent working but it's critical stuff so I put in the time.

Been going through some sites and virtually riding some of my favorite rollercoasters and dark rides.  I'm including a link here:
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May 1st - Welcome to May

Posted by Bill Bickford on Friday, May 1, 2020,
Greetings foolish mortals and welcome to May...albeit with more restrictions and lockdowns, but hey, we're surviving.  

It's been a long month since I updated anything and frankly, I just keep forgetting because I have so much more going on.  However, I am going to make an effort to update more often.  I know, I say that every few months or so but I mean it this time.

Hope everyone is staying safe and using common sense.  There's far too many idiots and morons out there trying to interject thei...
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