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June 21st - Happy Father's Day

Posted by Bill Bickford on Sunday, June 21, 2020,
Welcome foolish mortals and Happy Father's Day and also happy summer and the summer solstice.

Been a crazy time still in the world of the good ole USA!!!  We have so much divisive in this country and hoping it will begin to heal this November.  

So summer is upon us and we're hoping things go well and hope the pandemic eases up so we can enjoy things again.  Hoping for Halloween.

I know this is rambling but just spewing my thoughts.

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!

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June 5th - A disgrace

Posted by Bill Bickford on Friday, June 5, 2020,
This is not my normal post as you can tell by my opening.  The only foolish ones are the people who support the inept "leadership" of the country.  Those who support racism and those who see nothing wrong with the way we, the United States, are dealing with equality issues.

I am disgusted by the way things have turned out.  Not only by the lack of accountability by the government but by also some, notice I didn't lump them all into this statement, law enforcement agencies.  I am in no way agai...
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June 2nd - Welcome June

Posted by Bill Bickford on Tuesday, June 2, 2020,
Welcome foolish mortals to June and utter chaos in the country.  Craziness surrounds us all at this time.  

It's blackout Tuesday so this is all.

Until next time...

BBP out!!!

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May 31st - Goodbye May

Posted by Bill Bickford on Monday, June 1, 2020,
Greetings foolish mortals.  Here we are on the last day of May.  It's been a helluva month.  Celebrated the Z for his 21st for the good part of the month.  The rest of this month has been crazy and very disturbing.  It's sad, disgusting and pathetic.  

However, tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and hopefully, things will change for the better.

I'm doing some work on the site too so be on the lookout for some changes.

Until next time...

BBP out!!!  
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