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July 24th - July 26th Amsterdam

Posted by Bill Bickford on Wednesday, July 29, 2015,
Well what seemed like forever to get here finally did and I was really excited for a few reasons.  First, I was going to Amsterdam for the first time.  Been wanting to do that for years and finally got the opportunity.  Second, I was going to make my trip up there by high speed rail.  And third, needed a break.

So the day comes to take my trip so off I go to the main train station in downtown Stuttgart.  I find my train, carriage and seat, located in first class of course, and sit down.  As it...
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July 22nd - Grandma

Posted by Bill Bickford on Wednesday, July 22, 2015,
It's been 4 years since you left us.
It's been 4 years since your pain stopped.
It's been 4 years of our own.
It's been 4 years of feeling all the love you left us in everything you touched.

People have come and gone and for each one who left,
there was always someone who hurt for their loss.
Was it selfishness to feel that way?
Or is it just how we handle losing those we cherish?

Grandma made this world a better place for us all.
She unselfishly loved us all, and did for us all.
She knitted us all bl...
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July 20th - Weekend of exploration

Posted by Bill Bickford on Monday, July 20, 2015,
Hey there and Happy Monday!!!  What I can say but WOW!!! and what an interesting trip over the weekend.  While it's been hot as hell this past week in Stuttgart, I figured I'd head south and hit the Alps and try to find some cooler weather.  Well, I was partially successful.  Found a town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, Germany.  It's located in the foothills of Mt. Zugspitze, and was beautiful with mountains surrounding it on all sides.  The town was a bit busier than a lot of the ...
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JUly 18th - Just a quickie

Posted by Bill Bickford on Saturday, July 18, 2015,
Greetings to all and I hope you've been able to stay cool unlike here where we've been having 90 plus degree weather with no air conditioning.  On top of all that, it's been a busy week but got a lot done.

I'm on my way out, to the Alps for some hopefully, much cooler weather and maybe even some snow on top of glaciers.  We shall see.

Have a great weekend and I'll update more when I get back.

Until then...

Bill out

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July 7th - Catching up

Posted by Bill Bickford on Tuesday, July 7, 2015,
OK, so while I was able to make a quick post in Brussels, I haven't had the chance to make one since I got back so here it is.

Just a quick rehash, it was hot, warm and extremely hot but luckily my hotel had great A/C.  While dealing with the heat, I did get my chances at going around the town and exploring places such as the Atomium, the symbol for the 1958 World's Fair, the Peeing Boy statue, the Grand Place and so many more.  The food was incredible and the beer amazing.  It's true, the "be...
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July 4th - Happy 4th of July

Posted by Bill Bickford on Saturday, July 4, 2015,
Greetings as we're coming with a "live" update from Bressels, Belgium.  Got here yesterday and have been busy sightseeing this amazing city.  Very lively and upbeat.  Much like Berlin and Frankfurt for comparison to Germany.  Not so much like Stuttgart. 
I also stopped and had dinner at an outdoor cafe where I tried the Belgium tradition of Stoamp.  It's sausage, ham over mashed potatoes filled with carrots and cabbage.  Very good.  Also had some samples of Belgium beer and once again, they w...
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July 1st - Welcome to July

Posted by Bill Bickford on Wednesday, July 1, 2015,
Here we are with another month starting.  I swear, the year is just flying.  It has been especially hot over here in Germany and quite frankly, I'm sick of it.  There's no air conditioning and it's just miserable.  UGH!!!  Gotta take a cold shower before I go to bed just to get my body temp down to a decent level so I can hopefully get some sleep.

Short update today as it's been another busy week here but looking forward to the weekend as I'm heading to Belgium for the holiday.  Great beer and...
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