Sorry been so long since I wrote but there always seems to be things to do than to keep up with this.  Gonna try to at least make it weekly visit.  So been back from Ireland for 2 weeks now and needless to say, things could be so much better.  I've been trying to stay positive but something happened today that has realy got me bent.  I won't go into detail right now but I will soon enough.  I'm just staying positive on my other thought and situation and it will see me through.  Gotta keep the postive thinking going for that because it will happen...very soon.
Since I'm ranting on here, might as well hit what happened out here as well.  That moron of a pastor in Gainesville burned the Koran(sp?) and caused all sorts of hell to be unleashed over here.  Protests and killing of people makes it a horrible place to be but then when others, who aren't even over here and who call some of us mercanaries, are claiming this moron has the protection of the first amendment on his side.  However, people do not really understand the term "Freedom of Speech" nor do they understand the first amendment but they use it as a shield to hide behind.  Thank you pastor jackass!!!
On another the hell can the executives for the oil company that killed 11 people and destroyed the gulf and thousands of miles of shoreline be given a HUGE bonus???  They claim they had a great, safe year and people were given $200k bonuses when 11 people were killed and how many sea creatures died and how many other people were directly affected by this disaster?  Thank you American Corporation for showing the rest of us that it doesn't matter what you do to other people, animals or even the land.  As long as money is to be made and there are greedy assholes who feel a sense of entitlement, there will always be this traversty.  The United States of America...the land of opportunity for rich corporations to get richer, prosperity for corporations to steal from the taxpayers and the rest of the country and for criminals to run these corporations and get off with a golden parachute when the working person is laid off with nothing but a 2 weeks severance.  Yes!!!  We are a in a good place (note sarcasm).