Greetings foolish mortals.  Wow!!!  I missed April 1st and also didn't mention or add any more content to the site.  I have been slacking but it was a pretty busy month.

So March came and we had my mom's celebration of life on the 30th. It was a nice way to remember her. I was the first speaker with tributes and my quote I had posted on here back in February. Almost lost it towards the end but regained and we made it through.  We love you mom.  

So a week and a half ago, I was also able to make another memory or experience, depending on how you look at it.  I was able to get a ride on Tron Lightcycle/Run.  It was very cool.  The launch isn't as intense as Rock -N- Rollercoaster but is awesome.  The ride is pretty good too.  Not as intense as I would have hoped as it's constantly slowing down and speeding up throughout the ride.  However, my biggest dislike is the metal handle grips on the ride itself.  They hurt after the launch and are pretty uncomfortable. the ride is good and I will ride it again and over and over, but it sure did take long enough to get built. I think we're in between year 4 and 5 now and I know the pandemic caused some stoppage but still, Universal got Velocicoaster built so much quicker and I have to say, it is a superior ride to Tron.

Also played a round of golf and played my best in a while.  I broke 100 and minus a few screw-ups, did pretty decent.  Going to be playing this week as well.

So until next time...

BBP out!!!