We've now been here just about 2 weeks so I decided it was time to get my exploring on.  I had been looking for castle ruins around Stuttgart and actually found some just outside of town.  However, my GPS in my car didn't want to take me there so I found some more in a town called Baden Baden.  I  have to say, this town was beautiful and so much fun to explore.  There was a river going down the middle of town and it was as calm as could be.  Pedestrian only traffic in the shopping districts.  Lots of stores, restaurants and other places in this town. 

The castle, Altes Schloss, was amazing.  I'm putting pics up of both these places under the pictures pages but I don't feel the pictures does any justice.  It was simply amazing.  Beautiful and proud and still standing.  There was also a wind harp that I was hoping to hear play but the wind wasn't strong enough.  Got some really cool pics. 

Overall, a very good day.

Until our next adventure...

Bill out