Hello April and welcome fools.  New month and got a lot going on right now.  Left my job at Labtech in order to pursue a different direction.  It was bittersweet but something I felt I needed to do as I never totally felt like I fit in to the workplace or with most of the people who worked there.  It was a good place to work but as it is, it was time for a change.

I'm now with my company who I went to Germany with last year and guess what?  Yes, I am heading back.  Looking forward to this as I feel this is going to be something of a door opener for me more so than it has been.  I'm doing a lot to better myself and make my future better.

Got a few weeks to go so I have quite a bit of things to get done but it is going smoothly.  Might even be leaving before I was originally meant to.  We shall see.  But there will be lots more exploring to do and places to go and fun to be had. Ready or not, here I come.

So until then...

Bill out