Welcome foolish mortals.  Here we are, halfway through the month of April.  Can't believe how fast this month/year is going.  Seems we were just celebrating the new year and here we are in the middle of April.  Time sure flies when you get older.  I was just having a conversation about that in fact.  It's all relative to how old we are.

Have been reminiscing about my visits to Europe as this is the time, 4 years ago, that I made my second and longest jaunt to the most amazing place I could ever ask to visit.  The year prior, I was given an amazing opportunity to work and visit Germany and I took full advantage of it and the second time, I took even more advantage of it.  Was absolutely amazing and I've filled this website with so much history and pictures from that time.  I've still got lots to put up to record my place in history. 

One of my favorite  places to visit while in Germany was this amazing theme park called Europa Park.  It was built by the Mack family and took a lot of style from Walt Disney World.  You'll notice one of the first things is Eurostat.  It's a Geodesic dome, looking very similar to Spaceship Earth at Epcot, which is a Geodesic Sphere.  All in total, I made about 6 trips to Europa Park and am hoping to go back sometime soon.

I also visited Disneyland Paris, a dream come true, and got to experience everything there.  I went on Phantom Manor several times, Space Mountain, which is the best version, Thunder Mountain, again the best version, Pirates of the Caribbean, which had the best of FL and CA built into one.  Had Snow White, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Indiana Jones roller coaster, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea walk through.  So much amazing things I saw and did at this beautiful park.

I was also fortunate enough to travel around Europe by rail and car.  Saw so many countries and towns.  I hope to see more.

So there's a little walk down nostalgia lane.  Until the next time...

BBP out!!!