Good day all.  It's been an interesting day so far.  I hate those Sunday nights where you can't sleep and when you finally do, your alarm goes off during the best sleep you've had after what seems like 5 minutes.  Hope it's not a look into the week or what it's going to be like.

After being sick for the past coupe of weeks, I finally feel well enough to almost be normal, whatever that is.  Been a rough time but I think I'm pretty much on the last leg of whatever has been going around.  Did drop some weight and am pleased about that.  Now just need to get to the gym and hit my times and marks again. 

Was going to update my pictures but just didn't have the energy to do it but I will soon.  My page feels empty still as my Europe trip hasn't been completed on it.  I'll probably go back before I finish it.  lol

Have a great week and remember to act as if...

Bill out