Here we are, only about 14 hours away from the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.  I have to say, this has been a rather interesting year.  I once again left the country to go live, work and explore in Germany and Europe.  Saw many fascinating places while I was there and experienced so much more.  Many new countries and towns.  I also met a lot of new people and welcomed some more into my life and spent time with family and loved ones.  There was also the passing of my grandfather who had just reached his 100th birthday and my grandmother, who passed in 2011, would have also been 100 this year.  My latest claim is I once again, moved across the country to begin a new and exciting position in California.  I love it here and am very happy.

Hopefully, 2016 will be the year of total happiness.  I have dealt with a lot over the past few years and have been in both bad and good places.  I've seen changes in myself, both good and bad but feel I have "come of age" and am looking forward to the stability.

Farewell 2015.  You shall always be remembered.

Until next year...

Bill out