I swear I keep saying I'm going to update this more often but I guess it's just the stress of having to work just so I can do my thing.  I know, there's always time out there but at times, I just don't feel like doing this.  I wish I was able to do this and travel and visit places like I've seen on other sites but I should have been looking forward more.

Anyways, we're halfway through December and Xmas is just around the corner.  10 days to go.  I need to upload and make new pages for my last parts of Germany and then my trip out here.  Have a lot to upload and share still so hopefully I'll have or make the time to do so.  

It's been beautiful weather out here and I'm loving it.  We've also got some snow in the mountains so it's almost time to go up there and check it out.  Big Bear is a very cool place.  Also have Palm Springs and so many more places.

Last week, went to Disneyland and had an awesome time.  Started out not crowded at all but by the time the sun went down, the crowds were there.  It was still very cool and was able to do so many things and had a great day and night.

End of the year at work is just upon us and while I've only been a couple of months, I feel I've made some big impacts.  I'm very happy to be here too as I feel appreciated.

Things are looking up for 2016.  Can't wait.

Until our next meeting...

Bill out